Micro Dock

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Magnetically dock your iPhone anywhere. 

  • Strong magnetic bond
  • No magnetic interference with the iPhone or apps (Wifi, Bluetooth, Maps, Apple Pay, magnetic compass, accelerometers, gyros, barometer, lights & proximity sensors).
  • Compatible with the Access Case 2 and Shell Case for iPhone.
  • Additional 3M adhesive pads supplied to relocate the dock.
  • Only 20x20x6mm
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Compatible with the Nodus Shell Case and Access Case 2. The Micro Dock can be attached to any surface, from car dashboards, kitchen walls and office cubicles. Using the world's strongest N52 magnets, you can attach your case swiftly and securely, allowing you to mount your iPhone to the places you need it most.

Magnetic Shielding

Unlike other magnetic docking systems on the market, our cases are built with shielding technology, so your device will be protected from any harmful magnetic effects. When using our case and dock, all your device features and apps will continue working perfectly. There will be no effect on your iPhone or iPads: Wifi, Bluetooth, Maps, Apple Pay, compass, camera, accelerometers, gyros, barometer, lights sensors & proximity sensors.


CNC milled from a single block of polished aluminium, the Micro Dock uses the world’s strongest N52 magnets to mount your case safely and securely. The 3M adhesive pad on its underside allows you to semi permanently attach the dock to any surface, whilst remaining adjustable so you can change the docks position.

Magnetic Shielding